Berlin has five long-distance railway stations (Berlin-Hauptbahnhof, Berlin-Gesundbrunnen, Berlin-Südkreuz, Berlin-Ostbahnhof, Berlin-Spandau) and two airports (Berlin-Tegel/TXL und Berlin-Schönefeld/SXF). All of the railway stations and the airports are well connected to the public transportation network and offer mobility assistance services to people with disabilities.

By Train

People with disabilities are provided with extensive information for their journey by the Mobility Center of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railway), which can be reached under the telephone number 01806 99 66 33. Assistance for getting on and off the train and for transporting luggage can be booked there free of charge.

Wheelchair users are provided with information about traveling by train here:

A description of Berlin’s central train station (Hauptbahnhof) with a number of recommendations is provided for people who are blind or visually impaired at:öfe

A version with pictures can be downloaded here: Download

By Plane

Airlines provide their customers with disabilities information on what needs to be taken into account for the flight. Assistive services can be booked with them also. Wheelchairs and other assistive devices can be registered as extra baggage at no cost. At the airports assistance is provided for boarding and disembarking as well as for transporting luggage. These services can be booked with the airline or directly at the airport.


Information on flying with a disability can be found here: